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    Black-Listed: Dedication to Charity

    by Vincent D. Faini

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    A Story of epic betrayal.
    Lazarus Chimera struggles to do his best to protect his friend and coworkers employed at a Federal agency.
    He is encouraged with vigor by the very people who have sworn to protect he and his coworkers.
    His union officers instead decide to use him and his coworkers as a political bargaining chip, uncaring of the people in their charge getting sick and dying.
    He continues to fight for the rights promised to every American, his occasional, though minor successes embarrass his union officers demonstrating their lackluster behavior.
    They collaborated to throw Lazarus under the bus, abandoning their promises, their obligation to protect the people in their charge.
    Read how Lazarus Chimera is lied to; you will be shock at the many obstacles that his own union and management placed before him.
    What would you do, if the people sworn into office for the stated purpose of fighting for your rights betrayed you?
    What would you think when you learned these treacherous people blocked your ability to communicate to other locals?
    What would you do if you learned these corrupt people continued their deceit with full knowledge that you and your friends would be force out of your government job?
    You and your friends would be black balled and unemployable?
    Despite all this Lazarus Chimera decided to persist.
    Many people wonder if Chimera prevailed.
    What do you think?



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